If you are interested in filling out an application with us you can do so by clicking the button below. If you have any questions please reach out to us at information@loreauvillefire.com and we will do our best to answer any questions you have.

Response Area:

LVFD has a diverse response area of the Village limits and surrounding Iberia Parish. Calls can be in the middle of town only minutes from the station or well into rural areas of the parish including Lake Fausee Pointe. Our members are well versed in not only hydrant operations but water shuttle, drop tanks, and drafting operations. LVFD has one of the largest response areas of volunteer departments within the parish.


LVFD currently operates two Engines and one service unit. Our primary engine is a side mount Tanker/Pumper that carries 1800 gallons of water and carries a drop tank but is also a fully outfitted first due engine. Our second due Engine is a cross mount and carries 1250 gallons of water. Our Service unit is a 2500 Chevrolet that is used to respond to medical calls, vehicle accidents/extrication, and any other calls where extra gear may be required. 

Call Types:

LVFD responds to a robust variety of calls. The large majority of calls are medical assist calls which can range from non-life threatening to critical in nature. Members have the option of becoming EMR certified (covered by the department) to respond to these calls. In addition to medical calls, we also establish Landing Zones for Aeromedical calls. Responding to reports of fire alarms, structure fires, vehicle accidents, and grass/field fires are also some of our more common calls.

Non-fire Role:

If you would like to volunteer but don't want to run 911 calls we have positions as support members for the department. This could be anything from helping with fundraising, station maintenance, board member positions, etc. It takes a lot to keep a department running and everyone plays critical roles.


The Loreauville Community has been extremely supportive of LVFD and our progress towards making the department better. Because of this we are able to work efficiently with the Village Council and the Mayor to achieve our goals. We understand that volunteering means taking time away from other priorities and we want to minimize that as much as possible, that is why we treat our members like family and their families as well.